Why Social Media ?

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Everyone today is on some social media platform. Teenagers on TikTok, influencers and small businesses on Instagram and Facebook, or professionals on LinkedIn – social media is the first option that comes to mind when looking for expanding connections in any field.

Social media – if used intelligently – can bring in loads of success. Since it is the best form of direct contact with the target audience, these platforms have what it takes to make anyone’s life better. To understand this better, here are a few aspects that reflect the importance of social media in today’s world.

1.Stay connected with People

It is next to impossible to meet your friends and relatives every day in today’s world of increasing stress and workload. However, dropping a short text asking about their day or sharing your achievements are a few ways you can still maintain healthy contact with your close ones or corporate colleagues. Social media platforms have effectively bridged this communication gap.

2. Staying Opinionated

In our daily lives, we may not necessarily be surrounded by people who think in the same direction as we do. A difference in opinion is bound to occur. However, we can share our opinions safely and even find people online who think the same way as us on social media platforms. It even paves the way to gaining a strong voice for the situations you feel are essential to discuss and have a fruitful discussion.


There is so much more to social media than just work, communication and branding. Sometimes, all we want is a little entertainment at the end of the day. Social media platforms provide tired individuals with customized feeds consisting of memes, news, and short clips of videos as per the user’s activity. It provides people with a much-needed break from their busy schedules.

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